About us

BMS Heavy Cranes has for more than a decade been providing solutions to heavy lifting challenges on a global scale. We have a unique global network of specialists within this field, and most importantly colleagues who make the impossible possible. And our mission is simple: 

We take care of your heavy lifting.

BMS Heavy Cranes has one of the most modern fleets of heavy lifting equipment with more than +60 main cranes and with a wide range of our 3000t ring crane to our LR 1300 crawler crane, LR 11350 crawler crane with power boom, 600t cranes, and the smaller mobile cranes. Our range of cranes combines vast lifting capacity with a long reach, flexible configurations, and quick mobilization.

We are continuously expanding our specialized heavy lifting equipment fleet with new, innovative cranes, providing significant improvements in efficiency with a smaller footprint. BMS Heavy Cranes has, as the one of the only heavy-lifting organizations in the world more than +30 LG cranes in the fleet.

BMS Heavy Cranes is a well-known supplier with extensive experience of heavy lifting in the onshore and offshore wind industry, infrastructure projects and other industries. BMS Heavy Cranes is among the absolute market leaders globally . We differentiate from our sister company BMS A/S, as we are specialized in heavy lifting projects.

No project is too large or complicated for BMS Heavy Cranes.

BMS Heavy Cranes is dedicated to provide high-quality lifting services, and we have, throughout the years, developed a modern fleet of heavy lifting equipment with the capabilities to lift and handle some of the world’s largest components.

“BMS Heavy Cranes is a key player in developing renewable, net-zero energy industries – both now and in the future.”

Every day, we work with dedication to be the preferred global supplier in cranes and heavy lifting.

Global presence – Local initiatives

From our headquarter in Noerresundby, Denmark, and our 15+ global entities, we offer full scope projects with professional project management and the ability to deliver large projects efficiently, with the highest level of safety and proficiency in collaboration with our customers. 

We have a strong global presence with over 500 colleagues on 5 continents. From our local offices located in e.g. the United States, Australia, Taiwan, Spain, France, Poland, UK/Ireland, Finland, Denmark etc. we move our personnel and equipment to where ever the next project is. Our fully qualified site personnel have extensive experience in projects ranging in scope and complexity. 

Always ensuring a safe working environment together

BMS Heavy Cranes is one of the most experienced and respected supplier specializing in cranes of all sizes. Our strengths are our colleagues’ capabilities, commitment, flexibility, and safety. Their depth of knowledge and skills ensures that we always deliver professional and on time. 

BMS Heavy Cranes supports each customer in the realization of their project by investing in local skills and by involving local suppliers and subcontractors on each project.

Development of skills is one of the priorities of BMS Heavy Cranes. Local content is not just about meeting legislative requirements or ticking a box. BMS Heavy Cranes take it as our responsibility to create a positive social and economic local impact that is recognized by our various customers and local communities.